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Winterization Checklist

As we move through December and into the new year, the harsh cold of the Winter can leave an unprepared homeowner to deal with a lot of damage; and a lot of bills. Preparing your home for the coming snow and ice can save you money when it is time to pay the heating and electric bills. This is a list of important factors to keep in mind when it comes to winterizing your home:


Rake away weeds and leaves from the foundation of the home. The rotting vegetation can loosen the foundation and cause drafts in a basement.

Make sure that the exterior wall insulation is well placed and that there is the correct amount of it.

Insulate water pipes. Drain and properly store all hoses. Drain and turn off any sprinkler systems.

Clean out the gutters. Leaf, snow, and ice buildup can lead to heavy gutters that can fall off and damage the house.

Remove tree branches that hang over electrical wires or your home.

Have a professional open your central air unit and turn off the disconnect switch first to prevent accidental use in winter. Clean the outside of the unit, removing dirt and leaves, and allow it to dry before covering it with a heavy material to prevent damage from snow and ice.

Doors and windows

Remove debris from around doors and windows. Be sure that all of your windows and doors have no breaks in the seams surrounding them. Weatherstripping should be installed around the windows and doors.

Ductwork, Fireplaces, and Furnaces

    Check the filter on your furnace. Based on the model you own, it may need to be changed every 1-6 months. Make sure the pilot light is lit and the blower is working. Hire a professional to inspect the furnace and see if it works safely and efficiently.

Clean out fireplaces often, so that there is less soot buildup. Keep the chimney clear of obstructions or debris, and keep the chimney flue closed unless it is in use.

Have your duct work inspected for mold, pests, dirt, or debris. Duct insulation should be installed, especially near exterior walls or regions of the house that are not used often.
This holiday season, keep your family safe and warm; with a heating system you can trust. Call us at 718-761-2300 for repair or installation on your home heating system.

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