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Gregg Mechanical Corp., locally based on Staten Island, installs, services, repairs and retrofits heating systems of every brand and variety.  Whether your home is heated by a warm air furnace or boiler, our certified technicians are capable of restoring your heat and making your home comfortable again 24-hours a day.

If you are ready to change out the old heating equipment in your home, call us to schedule one of our installation specialists to discuss your home comfort needs and goals.  We provide free estimates on the replacement or installation of new equipment that is specifically selected and designed to fit the unique requirements of your home.

Our services continue even after your custom installation through our annual Preventive Maintenance Agreements, to keep your system operational at peak efficiency.…always assuring your 100% satisfaction.

Call our office at (718) 761-2300 to schedule a service call or a free estimate for a new heating system at your convenience.

Furnaces: How Does it Work?
The furnace is the most important component of a central heating system. It houses all the working parts. So when you replace the furnace, you replace the vital operating parts of your heating system. It is by choosing from among the different models and brands of furnaces available that you determine the quality and cost of your business’s heating for years to come.

The Furnace is part of a forced-air system. Warm air is forced, or blown, through a system of air ducts to each of the rooms in your home. Air drawn into the furnace passes through a filter, where dust and other small particles are trapped. A blower unit blows the filtered air through the furnace, and the air absorbs heat and distributes it throughout your home.

Gas Heat
If it is a gas furnace, the heat is supplied by the burning of natural gas. A mixture of gas and air flows into the burner and is ignited by the pilot. Combustion occurs, and warm air from the burner flame rises to fill a chamber known as a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger becomes hot. Office air passing around the heat exchanger absorbs that warmth, continues into the air ducts and the heat is distributed through the business. The by-products of combustion pass upward through a venting system and escape through a vent in the roof.

Electric Heat
If the furnace is electric, heat is generated by an electric heating element. Electric current traveling through the element creates heat. By the heat transfer processes called conduction and convection, heat is transferred into the air stream and flows through the air ducts into the rooms of the business.

The Thermostat
Whether you heat your home with gas or electricity, a wall thermostat will be installed. This measures room temperature and turns the central heating system off or on as the temperature rises or falls to designated levels. Careful location of the thermostat is an essential consideration in maintaining maximum comfort levels in your home.

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