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Air Conditioning

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Gregg Mechanical Corp., locally based on Staten Island, installs, services, repairs and retrofits air conditioning systems of every brand and variety.  Call us to schedule a free estimate or to discuss your home comfort needs and goals.  We provide free estimates on the replacement or installation of new equipment that is specifically selected and designed to fit the unique requirements of your home.

Our air conditioning services continue even after your custom installation through our annual Preventive Maintenance Agreements, to keep your system operational at peak efficiency, and our 24-hour repair service, in the event of an unforseen breakdown..…always assuring your 100% satisfaction.

Call our office at (718) 761-2300 to schedule a service call or a free estimate for a new air conditioning system at your convenience.

Air Conditioning: How Does It Work?
When you first enter a home or building that is using air conditioning you feel two things in the air, coolness and dryness. Both of these physical sensations are accomplished by the air conditioning unit. Although you feel cooler that is not really what the unit does. It removes heat and in the process also pulls moisture from the air. In other words, the air conditioner does not cool the air it removes the heat from the air. In the absence of heat is cold.

Part of the benefits of utilizing a central air conditioning system is the filtration of the air in your home which improves air quality. The filter cleans the air by trapping dust and other small particles that are pulled in through the return. The more efficient the air cleaner, the better the air quality in your home. The air handler, the indoor unit, circulates the air while cooling and dehumidifyng it through the process called refrigeration.

Refrigeration cools a home by transferring heat inside a home to the outdoors. All central air conditioners employ two main units in this process – the indoor unit and the condensing unit.

The indoor unit
This unit removes undesirable indoor warmth and humidity. It includes the filter, the air handler or furnace, and the evaporator coil. The air handler or furnace blow filtered air through the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is kept cold by the circulation of a substance called refrigerant. The fan passes air across this coil and any moisture will condense and collect on the coil’s fins. In this process the heat that is in the air is pulled out from the air stream. The absence of the heat is now cooled or cold air is created. The cooler, drier air that continues through the air ducts is vented throughout your home to maintain your desired comfort level. Depending on the structure of your home, the ductwork may be in the ceiling or on the side walls of your rooms.

The condensing unit
Outdoors, at the condensing unit, an air conditioner releases the heat that was captured inside at the coil. The same refrigerant that absorbed the heat indoors at low pressure is now pressurized by the compressor and is circulated through another coil, the condensing coil. In the condensing coil, under high pressure, the refrigerant releases its heat very quickly, making the coil itself hot. A fan blows across the coil, cooling its temperature down and transferring the heat to the outside air.

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