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Radiant Floor Heat

underfloor heating and coolingRadiant Floor Heat

The perfect heating system is quiet, efficient, clean and keeps your feet warm. Radiant floor heating does that exactly. Radiant floor heating gives you heat right where you want it. It is hidden beneath your floor so it’s as beautiful as the floor you just installed. Radiant heat works like this, The warmth comes from electric wires or hot tubes of water, depending on the heating system installed. Heat naturally rises and feeling warmth from the floor is definitely better than standing on a cold floor. Radiant heat solves this problem beautifully.

Baseboard or radiator heating is efficient, but you can’t put furniture where you like and many of the units are unsightly. Radiant heat works beautifully in basements kitchens bathrooms and areas with tile or hardwood floors. Radiant floor heat is wonderfully efficient but may cost more to install. Gregg mechanical installs and repairs all kinds of heating systems. Radiant Floor Heating is just one of them. Give us a call to see if Radiant Floor heating is right for you. 718-761-2300

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