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Gas or Electric Furnaces

As the winter becomes harsher with the new year, heating systems can be vital to you and your family. The first home furnaces may have burned coal and wood, but modern clean energy standards and the need for efficiency brought us natural gas and electric heaters. While gas and electric furnaces have their pros and cons, the choice should come from your home’s specific heating needs. Let our professionals help you in making this decision before choosing to ensure the best heating possible for your home.
While both gas and electric furnaces use different methods and resources to heat a home, the distribution of heat from both are the same. Both systems use air vents and blower fans to move heated air around your home. A gas heater uses gas jets to combust natural gas and produce heat. This heat is then transferred into the air by the heat exchanger. Blower fans then move the heated air throughout the home. Electrical furnaces use a series of heating elements, which are electric coils that heat up as a current runs through them. Based on the amount of heat required, a different number of coils may be used. The blower fans then distribute the air heated by the elements throughout the house. The efficiency of electric furnaces go above gas heaters. While the gas furnaces burn constantly, even when you’re not home, electric models can heat specific rooms or turn off completely when you are away.
Electric furnaces usually have a lower initial installation cost than most gas models, but the cost of electricity is generally higher than natural gas. We offer the best of Lennox and Rheem gas heaters and Mitsubishi electrical heaters to provide you and your family the best comfort and energy efficiency possible during the cold seasons. Contact us today for more information on if a gas or electric furnace is right for your home or business, and how we can install it by calling 718-761-2300.

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