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Whole-Home Humidifier

Homes without the proper humidity can be dangerous to the health of the residents and cause damage to the building. Proper whole-home humidification can help prevent the spread of diseases, lower the amount of allergens in the home, save you money on energy costs, and lower the amount of repairs to a home. A whole-home humidifier can keep the humidity of a house uniform and efficient.

Dry air can lead to a multitude of health problems. Cold and flu viruses spread faster in low humidity spaces. Drier air can cause sore throats, bloody noses, itchy eyes, dry mouth, and cracked skin. Air with less relative humidity can also aggravate allergies much easier, leading to more severe health risks. Asthma symptoms are more easily aggravated in dry air as well.

When the air in a home is dry, you will feel colder at higher temperatures. Homes with higher relative humidity require less heat to keep residents warm. For every degree you lower the thermostat, you save about 4% on your heating bill. Dry air can cause significant damage to a home. Woodwork and walls can crack in low humidity, and lead to repairs. Electronics in dry air can cause static shocks that can hurt you and the machines. The stronger the shock, the more damaging it can be to the electronics.

Portable humidifiers can not even compare to the power of a whole-home system. A home system checks the air outside for temperature in order to maintain the proper humidity throughout a home. A portable model only covers one room, and can over-humidify an area. A portable model also can lead to the spreading of hazardous microbes or bacteria that develop in the stagnant water inside the device.

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